Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

Summer is finally here. Everybody loves summer – the sun, the freshness and happiness that it brings. Summer is also a wonderful time to get married. However, a bride must be careful, as the heat can ruin her wedding makeup. To avoid this from happening, I have listed down a few makeup tips that will come in handy during your wedding.

Do not overdo the use of moisturizer. Too much moisturizer can make your face oily which will eventually lead to the washing out of your makeup particularly when you start to sweat. You do not need to put on moisturizer if your skin does not feel dehydrated with the summer heat. If you do want to apply moisturizer, use it with caution or concentrate on the dry areas and smile or laugh lines.

Use a sweat-proof concealer and opt to have airbrush foundation. The first will assure you that blemishes and dark circles will be perfectly hidden. Alternatively, airbrush foundation blends well with the skin compared to powder foundation. It also helps to make your makeup look natural.

Do not use highlighter to reduce oiliness particularly the liquid or cream highlighters. If you do want to have a little shine, use a powder highlighter that has a restrained luster but do not apply it on your nose bridge and apple of your cheekbones.

Apply wet-proof long lasting eyeliner. This will assure you of getting panda eyes.

The above wedding makeup tips will make you radiant on your summer wedding.