The ABC’s of Wedding Makeup Application

Makeup is applied in several methods. These methods have their singular application procedures and knowing their ‘hows’ will make the work easier.

One of the items that is essential when putting on wedding makeup is the foundation. This item forms the basis of the whole makeup process.

There are three kinds of foundation that you can use.

Mineral Foundation. Applying mineral foundation is effortless. Just use a brush and apply it lightly all over your face.

Liquid Foundation. The tool needed tool to apply liquid foundation is a sponge applicator although you can also use a brush. Lock the liquid foundation by applying powder foundation.

Airbrush Foundation. If you choose to have airbrush foundation, you would need someone to apply it on your face.

Putting on blusher is another critical element on your wedding makeup; therefore it is important to know how to apply it.

It is important to find your cheekbone. Sucking your lips will enable you to find them.

Use a big brush if you opt to use a powder blush. Start from the outer part of your cheekbone and move inwards.

If you are using a cream blush, ensure that you mix it well.