The Challenge of Being a Professional Wedding Hairstylist

One of the biggest challenges of a professional wedding hairstylist is to invent and improve on the usual bridal hairstyles. Creativity, imagination and diligence should be applied as well make a few research. Since the year 2013 is nearing its end, it is expected to have changes in wedding hairstyles for 2014. As part of my learning and improving my profession, I attend seminars, conferences and grab news about hairstyles from eminent bride hairstylists. The well-renowned bridal hairstylist, Mario Lopez, the Hairdressing Awards winner in 2005 and a member of the Haute Coiffure Francaise organization shared some insights on wedding hairstyles in 2014 and I would like to share them with you. These tips are not only for wedding hairstylists like me but also for brides-to-be.

Wedding Hairstyles in 2014

Loose braids for brides with long blonde hair making them look casual yet stylish;

Wavy curls at the ends for brides with medium length hair; and

Big and thick curls for dark-haired brides.

Buns are not that fashionable anymore although an uncomplicated neat bun is nice to harmonize a very stunning wedding dress. The bun should be a little loose but held firmly in place.