The Romantic Pony Wedding Hairstyle

The romantic pony wedding hairstyle is a good choice for a beach wedding. Here is how it is done.

Make a side part. Get the bigger side at the top of the ear and twist.
Fasten with bobby pins.

Get a ribbon and fasten one end with the twist.
Drape the ribbon around the hair starting from the twist.

Proceed with the twist across the back of your scalp; get a few strands of hair as you go along.
Continue on doing this until you reach the other side of your scalp.

Make a last twist and fasten with bobby pins.
Brush and apply a little hairspray on the other side.

Get the remaining section above your ear and make a twist moving away from your ear.

Fasten the ribbon with bobby pins below the ponytail.
Slightly comb the ponytail backwards to add texture.

Tug on the sections amid the ribbons to soften the twist.

An easy and simple to do wedding hairstyle particularly if you are on a budget.