The Rules on Using Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Hairstyle

Jan. 17 A

The use of hair extensions on your wedding will add some pep to your hairstyle. It would be better though to leave it to the hands of a proficient wedding hairstylist.

Jan. 17B

Here are a few rules on the use of hair extensions:

Find a hand-blend extension that has at least 11 various colors for a more natural look.

Jan. 17 C

Curl both your hair and extensions for a faultless look. Set curling iron at a cool temperature of 350o. To curl, start from the front moving to the back using a rotating movement. Always get an inch section to curl.

Jan. 17 D

Wash and condition your natural hair and the extension prior to your wedding. Air dry your hair to remove any product buildup.

Jan. 17 E

Use adequate amount of extension only so it will look real and for you to feel comfortable.

Jan. 17 F

If you are to use clip extension, pin them two inches away from the hairline and half inch away from the scalp. Tease the section where it will be attached and put some hairspray to keep the extension secure.

Jan. 17 G

If you want to cut the extension, request the hairstylist to fasten it to your hair then cut it to your desired style.

Jan. 17 H

The use of hair extensions will definitely give your hairstyle extra volume and beauty, but again let a wedding hairstylist do it for you to avoid any slippage.