The Secret to Getting the Suitable Wedding Hairstyle

Choosing the wedding hairstyle that suits you is one of the biggest decisions that you need to do on your wedding. It can be taxing without rules to follow on what and how to fix your hair although there are varied choices. Extensive planning plus the skills of a proficient hairstylist can make this task a success.

Plan your wedding hairstyle as soon as you have chosen your wedding dress. The gown will guide you on the kind of hairstyle you need to wear. Your hairstyle must also be fitting in the setting and time of your wedding.

The classic updo or the chignon, French twist or the half-up hairstyles are all ideal for both daytime and nighttime weddings. Loose curls or a formless hairstyle is more proper for informal weddings.

Curls provide a more romantic setting and are very popular hairstyles during weddings. This can be donned regardless if you have long or short hair and whether if you want your hair up or down.

Following your instinct is the secret to getting the suitable wedding hairstyle. Getting the opinions of other people will also help.

4 thoughts on “The Secret to Getting the Suitable Wedding Hairstyle

  1. Great Blog! They say that weddings are all about the dress but, once the photos are taken and filed in your scrapbook forever, it’s your face (and hair) that will go down in history:-)

  2. Some of these bridal haristyles are just amazing!!To add a touch of glamour to your wedding updo, an additional hair piece might be needed to give the look the structure it needs to stay in place. This updo is a definite show stopper so make sure that your dress, makeup and jewels aren’t all trying to compete for attention…

  3. There are so many choices when it comes to wedding hairstyles and the process can seem overwhelming — after all, your wedding hair will be highly photographed! From my experience as a hair stylist the first step to choosing the right hairstyle is to gauge your hair type. Obviously, there are plenty of wedding hairstyles for long hair, like natural styles with romantic, loose curls and formal wedding updos. But there are also a lot of fun options for short wedding hairstyles, like sparkly hairpins or even trendy headbands. When you go to your hair trial, make sure to bring along your veil or any hair accessories you’re planning to wear so that your stylist can recreate the exact look you want. Once you’ve nailed down the perfect style, book their services, keeping in mind that wedding hairstyles for long hair often take several hours (so be sure to give yourself enough time to get ready before your wedding ceremony). 🙂

  4. I completely agree with Laura! I think it would be best to go for a timeless look that way you don’t grimace in 40 years when you look at your photos and wonder what you were thinking with your hair!

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