The Sultry Wedding Makeup Look

For some brides looking gorgeous is not just what they want to be but also want a sultry look. The makeup industry has all the tools to give you a sultry wedding makeup look and with the efficient work of a makeup artist everything will be a reality.

Draw out the darkness of your lashes with a natural tone of shade on the lids. Slightly pink blush will enhance the cheeks natural rosy color. Complement it with red lipstick for a fuller look and put some shine by using a slightly gloss finish.

Make eyes a bit wider by using a dark shadow on the outer side of the eyes moving towards the end of the brows. Go lighter on the nose and use a darker shade of mascara. Use a natural rosy shade for the cheeks and a natural shade of lipstick with a little gloss.

Using a bright red lip color and a moderately light eye shadow is another option for the sultry wedding makeup look. Leave your rosy cheeks as is and do not apply any mascara. Use a lighter shade of liner, too.

To accentuate the sexy curves of the lips, use a darker pink shade of lipstick as well as to the cheeks. A darker shadow under the brows will accentuate the curves of the eyes coupled with a light-colored shadow on the lids with a coat of mascara will complete a sultry wedding makeup look.