The Top 10 Wedding Makeup Tips to Look Perfect in Pictures

Jan. 3 F

Make those wedding pictures look perfect for memories to last longer with these top 10 wedding makeup tips.


1. Use a primer as your starter. The primer hides fine lines and flaws to the sensitive lens of the camera.
2. Pay attention to your neck. Include your neck when applying foundation. The neck should have the same shade with that of your face.

Jan. 3 B

3. Cover up dark eye circles. Combine under-eye concealer and foundation then apply it on the dark circles. The mixture will prevent the concealer from appearing too white when the flash hits the eyes.
4. Outline your face. Flatter your face shape by applying a sheer bronzer within the perimeter of your face. Avoid focusing your forehead.

Jan. 3 C

5. Apply blotting powder. Blotting powder is particularly required for brides who have major shine issues on the T-zone areas.
6. Highlight your eyebrows. Emphasize your bone structure by highlighting your eyebrows. Draw them subtly with a pencil. Pay attention to the tails as they have the tendency to vanish in photos.

Jan. 3 E

7. Use a liquid liner. Liquid liner will define the eyes better in photos than pencil. Just apply a very thin line near to the lashes.
8. Look more radiant with a brighter blush. Use a little brighter color blush. Blend it well around the edges. Choose a shimmering blush with no obvious sparkles. This will make you to look more radiant when the flash of the camera hits your face.

Jan. 3 D

9. Contour your lips with a lip liner. Accentuate the “V” and outer corners of your lips with a lip liner. This will define your lips without looking severe or harsh.
10. Stay cool, calm and feel beautiful and attractive. Smile! It will brighten your face better than any wedding makeup tools.