The Top 11 Mascara Wedding Makeup Tips

Feb. 24 F

Together with the eye shadow, mascara highlights your eyes so it is a vital part when putting on makeup. It makes your eyes to look prettier and brighter. It defines your eyelashes by making them thicker, darker and longer. The use of waterproof mascara is recommended particularly for wedding makeup to avoid easy fading and streaking when tears start to fall.


1. Avoid pumping air into the tube when putting back the applicator. This will make the mascara to stay longer. Close the mascara tightly to keep it from drying up.

Woman applying mascara on eyelashes

2. Choose a shade that goes with your hair color. Blacks mascara is the perfect choice but it does not work well with blondes. Brown/black mascara is a better choice for blondes.

Feb. 24 D

3. Purchase a good quality mascara brand.

4. Apply an eyelash primer prior to applying mascara for extra surface and to make lashes look longer and thicker.

Feb. 24 I

5. Apply mascara after putting on eye shadow and liner. Curl lashes first then the mascara.

6. Coat every single lash. Depending on your taste, a single coat is enough. You can have a second coating as long as the first coat has dried up completely.

Feb. 24 C

7. Put mascara on both upper and lower lashes to make the eyes bigger. However, mascara on the lower lashes should be lighter.

8. Comb lashes with an eyelash comb after applying mascara.

Feb. 24 J

9. If there are smudges, dip a tiny cotton bud in baby oil, place it on top of the smudge and roll it gently until the smudge was completely removed.

10. Tears will surely come during the wedding ceremony. Remember not to wipe or rub them. Just blot the tears so as not to destroy your makeup.

11. Always use your own mascara even if you have a makeup artist to do your makeup.

Feb. 24 H

Follow these wedding makeup tips on mascara application and shine with radiance in your eyes.