The Top 5 Wedding Makeup Tips on Lipstick

Feb. 21 A

Lipstick should never be disregarded when putting on makeup. Regardless if you opt to have nude, pink or red lips on your wedding, your lips should complete your wedding makeup look. Here are 5 tips to get you going and look more stunning via lip color.

Feb. 21 B

1. Prime lips before applying lip color to give your lips the needed boost. The primer will bring out the natural pigment of your lips so lip color, particularly pink, will not look streaky. Apply a thin primer with a lip brush.

Feb. 21 C

2. Use a darker liner to match a hot pink or dark fuchsia lipstick while use a nude lip liner if you choose a pale blush pink color.

Feb. 21 D

3. Apply two coatings if you choose to wear pink lipstick. Blot your lips with tissue after the first application, and then apply the second coating. This will make the lip color to last longer and remove the streaky look.

Feb. 21 E

4. Remove any smudges with a cotton bud.

5. Always test the lip color in natural light. Request a sample from the store and test it at home.

Feb. 21 F

You will surely excite your groom and guests if you follow the above wedding makeup tips on lipstick.