The Typical Side Bun Wedding Hairstyle made Romantic for Your Wedding

Any simple hairstyle can be made elegant and more stunning with a few tricks. Take the case of the side bun. You can make this more romantic for your wedding hairstyle by following these tips.

Create a deep part on the side part of your hair. Bundle up hair and make a ponytail at your ear at the back of your nape.

Direct the ponytail over your ear and tie it tightly using an elastic band that is about 6 inches in length. From the base of the ponytail, create a 2 inches knot and secure it with the elastic band. Cut the extra elastic band.

Turn the ponytail over at the back and tuck the ends to form a bun. Fasten the bun with bobby pins.

You can leave a few bangs to fall loosely on your face or combed to the other side of your face. Ensure that it will not cover your eyes.

Use a stunning hair accessory such as a glittery headband, tiara, or dainty flowers for accentuation.

This wedding hairstyle would suit an off-shoulder wedding dress or one that has a low-back design.