Things You Need to Prepare for Your Wedding Makeup Artist

If you decide to have a makeup artist do your wedding makeup, you need to make an early booking. Highly proficient makeup artists get early appointments particularly during the peak season. The best time to book is 3 – 5 months before your wedding day. Set your wedding makeup trial 2 – 3 months before your big day. On your makeup tryout, you need to bring with you the following:

• a sample fabric of your wedding gown
• a photo of your bouquet
• a photo of your wedding gown

• a sample of your hair accessory, veil and jewelry
• detail of your wedding including the venue and theme

You also need to inform your makeup artist if you want to maintain or would want to change your looks during the wedding celebration.

Ensure that you list the colors and makeup items that were used during the trial. It would also help if you can have a picture so she can refer to it during the wedding day.

Confirm to your wedding makeup artist the venue and where you will be made up as well as the time one week prior to your wedding.