Tips on Creating Evening Wedding Makeup

Elegance and classiness are the qualities of evening makeup. Astound your guests with a classy wedding makeup even if your wedding is in the evening with the following tips.

First you need to be bold in your choice of makeup colors; but ensure that it will not steal the whole attention from your wedding dress and hair.

Use foundation or eye shadow that has a little shine to have a gracefully fashionable stylishness.

Be a little daring by carefully choosing the color of your lipstick. For instance, use a darker shade of lip color to line your lips such as dark wine or cranberry. Then color the rest of your lips with a cinnamon or burgundy shade. The combination of these two colors will give your lips a luscious look that would make your groom to want to kiss you at once.

For your eye shadow, use a tri-color shadow. Choose the medium shade for your base; then apply a darker shade on the crease of your eyes and highlight the area between your brow and crease. This combination will highlight your eyes without making you to look over made up.

Use waterproof mascara to avoid smudges in the event you shed tears of joy.

Always remember to use wedding makeup to your advantage.

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