Tips on Easy-to-Do Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup pix

Putting on makeup has different objectives. Some put on makeup to look humorous because it is part of their job. This does not apply, though, for wedding makeup. Following are some easy-to-do makeup tips on your big day that you may want to try.


If you intend to hire a makeup artist and are quite meticulous about color, bring samples of your color choices of foundations, eye shadows, blush-on and lipstick. It would be easier for her to know your color choices instead of getting something that does not pass your requirements.

Neutral eye shadow with bronze blusher on your cheeks looks great for a summer wedding. You can also color your lips in pink.

An ideal makeup for an evening wedding is to have romantic smoky eyes.

If you love to don the vintage look, then opt for an edgy type of makeup with red lipstick and winged eyes.

Most importantly, get an early booking with your wedding makeup artist once your wedding date is finalized and ensure to schedule a makeup run through.