Tips on Winter Wedding Hairstyle Blues

Dec. 16 A

Planning to get married this winter? Have you thought of any wedding hairstyle to wear? Let’s face it; the cold weather can cause beauty problems like chapped lips, dry skin, flyaways, etc. You cannot allow the weather to ruin your hairstyle, of course. So here are my tips to get ready and be gorgeous on your big day.

Dec. 16 B

Select a hairstyle that works with the cold weather. The most common hair problems during winter are dullness, dryness and static-ness. This becomes more prominent when you take the veil away, where the hairs gets static and becomes uncontrollable.

Dec. 16 C

The best wedding hairstyle to wear during winter is an updo. This hairstyle is less likely to have static issues.

Dec. 16 D

The updo hairstyle has different variations and you can choose which of these works for you best. The best, though, would be the classic and the low updos. Do not attempt to wear the messy updo as this will make a worrisome mess on your wedding.

Dec. 16 E

It would be good if your hair has the same length; but if this is not possible, ensure that you use a good quality hairspray to keep the wedding hairstyle tidy.