Using Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Hairstyle

Jan. 13

The use of hair extensions is one of the many options for a bride to have a gorgeous wedding hairstyle. Here are some tips on the use of hair extensions.

Jan 13 - 2

1. Have a dry-run first to see and feel it before the actual wedding day.

Jan 13 - 3

2. Choosing between Glue On or Clip On Hair Extension

Glue on will last longer that the clip on extension. The glue on is ideal if you want a complicated or fancy hairstyle. It also gives you the assurance that it will stay the same during the ceremony, reception and even after the wedding.

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Take the clip on extension to your wedding hairstylist so she can restyle it according to what you want and to make adjustments to keep it secure.

Jan. 13 - 5

Look Natural. Feel confident and look natural by wearing the hair extension a month or two prior to your wedding. This will make your friends and guests to get accustomed with your new look and will prevent them from suspecting that you are wearing an extension.

Jan. 13 - 6

Let your wedding hairstylist guide you when choosing a hair extension. Remember, you need to select the color and texture of the hair, too.