Various Wedding Makeup Looks

As the bride, you are free to choose to have a specific makeup look. The wedding makeup look that you choose must highlight your best features.

The Natural Look needs very light foundation and lip shiner. Wash your face thoroughly prior to applying the foundation and lip shiner. Translucent powder can replace the foundation.

The Summer Look is similar to the natural look where less wedding makeup is required. Use water-based makeup items to allow your skin to take in air and keep it cool.

The Asian Bridal Makeup requires several makeup dry runs to know the kind of shadow, lipstick and other makeup items that suit you. Choose only those that blends harmoniously with your skin tone

The Indian Bridal Makeup is for those wanting to have an exotic look. This requires much detail like a sari-inspired gown, jewelry, hairstyle and skin tone.

The African-American Bridal Makeup requires foundation, gloss and blush.

Whatever look you choose, your wedding makeup artist would know what suits you to make you look good in all your photographs.