Volumized Curls Wedding Hairstyle for Square-Faced Brides

Choosing a hairstyle does not only start from wanting to have the look of your favorite stars or personalities. This is particularly essential on your big day. A bride must take into consideration several things. There is the theme, time, and her wedding dress. More importantly, however, is the shape of her face. In other words, select a wedding hairstyle that complements your face shape and the other important facets of your wedding.

One style that square-faced brides can have is the volumized curls hairstyle.

Stronger angles at the hair and jaw lines are the characteristics of square shaped faces. The emphasis here is to flatter and soften the face. To do this, add movement and shape.

Hair with natural curls can have a frizz-free style. Twist hair with a curling balm and separate the sections. This will keep the natural texture of your hair while at the same time reduce the angular bone structure of your face.

Bouncy waves bring a gorgeous oomph that will readily attract anyone and will immediately drive away the focus from your square jaw to your hair.

Graduating layers of curls along the side of your face will give it a softer frame. This wedding hairstyle can be worn up or down.