Wedding Hairstyle Care Tips for Brittle Hair

Dec. 20 A

Hair issues vary depending on our hair type. Some are gifted with long and thick hair while some have to face the issue of brittle hair. The problem with brittle hair is it breaks easily or has a tendency to get frizzed. This shows that hair is not getting the right nutrients and is not receiving proper care. Hair issues such as this should not ruin your wedding hairstyle. Follow these brittle hair care tips for a fabulous hairstyle on your big day.

Dec. 20 B

Avoid washing your hair daily. Do it only twice or thrice per week only. This is enough to clean your scalp and keep your hair healthy. Too much washing will dry your scalp and make it flaky because the natural oils are removed.

Dec. 20 C

Condition your hair after every wash. This will maintain the smoothness of the hair and will create a protective layer on the shafts of hair. Deep cleanse hair one per month to repair damage hair and to give it a silkier look.

Dec. 20 D

Use a porous towel to take up excess water from hair, but do not rub hair with the towel. Do not use blow dryers to dry hair; instead dry it naturally.

Dec. 20 E

Apply a serum to cover hair. Any hair type needs a good serum to keep it smooth and for breakage and frizzy prevention. Cover hair to avoid sun exposure damage particularly if you intend to stay outside under the sun for a long time.

Dec. 20 F

Nourish hair by eating healthy foods. Any hair type needs protein; but brittle hair needs more of it. Eat protein-rich foods to increase keratin in your scalp. Keratin helps in healthy hair growth. Include foods rich in omega 3, zinc and magnesium like peanuts, almonds, cashews, and other nuts and seeds.

Dec. 20 G

Put a stop to brittle hair by following the above tips and enjoy a fabulous smooth and silky hair to get that wedding hairstyle perfectly.