Wedding Hairstyle: Do’s and Don’ts on Hair Extensions

The use of extensions is an excellent way to have a more striking wedding hairstyle if your hair is short or needs some volume. When used appropriately, extensions give you endless hairstyle options.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that can help you should you decide to wear hair extensions during your wedding.

The Do’s

  • Do tell your hairstylist the style and color of your dress.
  • Do get some photos for every hairstyle during your hair trial.
  • Do look for a reputable hair salon that is well-adept in hair extensions. Hair extensions are intended to give volume and length to real hair without being noticed.
  • Do take care of your hair extensions. Use a soft bristle brush to comb them. Use mild conditioner and apply it on the roots.
  • The Don’ts

  • Don’t choose artificial hair extensions. Synthetic extensions are heavier and do not spring back like natural hair.
  • Don’t wash hair extensions on the morning of the wedding.
  • Don’t try the extensions on your wedding day. Extensions must be tried weeks prior to the wedding so you get the feel and would know if you are comfortable wearing them. This will also allow you to know if you will develop any kind of itchiness.
  • Wearing hair extensions as part of your wedding hairstyle is a welcome change, so do not hesitate on wearing one.