Wedding Hairstyle for Wedding Dress Neckline – Part 2

Here are more tips on selecting the wedding hairstyle that will suit your wedding dress neckline.

Wear an off-center bun to generate visual harmony for a one-shoulder wedding gown. This hairstyle will echo the unevenness of the neckline making you look sexier and modern. Have some brushed out curls, wind it to one side and fasten it loosely.

A bohemian hairstyle will suit a dress with a mixture of eclectic elaborate details. Braid a few strands of your hair and use it as a headband to serve as your hair’s adornment. Fasten hair at the nape and cover it with a rope-like braid hair extension in the region of your head. Keep the ends beneath at the back.

A braided updo wedding hairstyle is ideal for a high neckline dress. Part hair on the side and make two firm French braids. Let one uneven braid run transversely on the top of your head while let the other braid run directly at the back. Wind both braids together at the back and fasten them with a pin. Wear a veil or use a large flower for your accessory to have more breadth.