Wedding Hairstyle – How to Avoid Hair Droops

Your wedding hairstyle must stay all day and evening. It must stay the way it was from the wedding ceremony to the reception to your first dance and throughout the wedding photo sessions.

Here are a few tips to avoid droopy hair on your wedding.

Make use of the proper curling iron. To have long-lasting curls, use a 1 1/2-inch curler. The heat of your curling iron must be too hot. A setting of 7 or 8 will make your curls bouncy and long-lasting.

Make use of anti-humidity hairspray. Pin the curls in place and spurt anti-humidity hairspray on them. The hairspray will keep the hair from getting frizzy and droopy particularly on a warm day. Give it another spray once to keep it in place.

Stock on bobby pins. Bobby pins will help hold those curls well. A good wedding hairstylist would be able to hide these bobby pins so there is nothing to worry if you have one.

Stay elegant by ensuring that your hairstyle will hold in place. Hire a skillful wedding hairstylist to make this possible.