Wedding Hairstyle Rehearsal: How to Get the Most Out of It

Your wedding hairstyle rehearsal is one activity that you should not miss if you want do not want your hair to go amiss. Get the most out of your wedding hairstyle by following these tips.

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1. Get every detail about your wedding such as the theme, color, venue and your gown’s style.

2. Look for an expert wedding hairstylist and book for a rehearsal. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

3. Bring pictures of different hairstyles taken from bridal blogs or magazines. Bring with you your veil or hair accessory, too.

4. Do not go alone. Ask a friend, a sister or a relative to go with you. Bring a camera so she can take pictures of you with the different hairstyles that were tried on you.

5. Remember that a wedding hairstyle rehearsal does not mean that you only need to try one style. So make sure that you choose a good hairstylist that is willing to try various hairdos.


6. When you have finally decided on the kind of wedding hairstyle to wear, then make the appointment. Call on the salon if you made an early booking and to ensure that your appointment is kept and that the hairstylist is still working in the said salon.

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