Wedding Hairstyle – Soft Alluring Updo for Brides with Thin Hair

Jan. 29 A

Thin hair is described as having very fine texture and thin strands. Women with thin hair usually have problems choosing how to style their hair so it would appear voluminous. The right haircut will make thin hair to look thicker, where a wedding hairstylist can help you a great deal.

Jan. 29 B

An updo is a great hairstyle for brides with thin hair. This does not mean pulling the hair to make a bun or chignon, though, but instead a soft updo. Here are the steps to achieve a soft modern and alluring updo.

Jan. 29 C

Use a volumizing shampoo and a luster boosting conditioner.

Apply a spoonful of volumizing mousse on the front section of hair while it is a little moist. Avoid applying too much mousse, as this will only flatten hair even more.

Jan. 29 E

Blow dry hair using a paddle brush. Bow your head and start blow drying from the roots.

Get a medium barreled curling iron to curl an inch sector of your hair.

Jan. 29 D

Comb hair from the back moving to the crown for more volume. Then, comb hair loosely to create a low knot at the nape.

Use bobby pins to fasten the knot. Spray with a small amount of hair spray.

Jan. 29 F

Thin hair bridal hairstyle issues? Brace yourself and look for a skilled wedding hairstylist to assist you.