Wedding Hairstyle — The Classic Chignon with a New Twist for Long Hair

The classic chignon is a common choice when attending formal occasions that even brides opt to wear it as their wedding hairstyle. Although it is a very elegant hairdo, it can also be tiring to look at seeing it the way it is. The following steps give the classic chignon a new twist that is particularly recommended for brides with long hair.

Make a low pony tail.

Create two sections in your hair – the other two-thirds while the other one is one- third.

Grasp the bigger section and wind it into a bun. Use bobby pins to fasten it.

Even out the smaller part and loosely drag it up on top of the bun. Fasten the middle part to the top and bottom of the bun. Leave the tail of the bun loose.

Divide the tail and create two sections of the same size. Bind these two together similar to tying a shoe lace or a bow.

Wrap it around and pin the remaining tail under the bun.

If you decide to don the classic chignon as your wedding hairstyle, follow the above steps to give it a new twist.