Wedding Hairstyle Tips for Summer

The weather is one of the factors to consider when choosing a wedding hairstyle. Here are a few hair tips to ensure that your hairdo will last longer.

Hair reacts to summer conditions particularly the humidity of this season. Choose a curly hairstyle or updo if your hair tends to curl even more because of the damp weather. Flip hair on the side if it stays straight.

Set the blow dryer to cool setting to dry hair. Hair follicles open when blow dryer is set on hot setting. This will only create more frizz. One you are finished blow drying your hair, set the blower to cool setting.

Keep anti-frizz serum on hand. Control the frizz from coming out brought by humidity with an anti-frizz serum. A small bottle is enough and will be easy to keep.

Schedule your hair styling adequately. Two hours is more than enough to finish your hair and makeup particularly if you have a highly skilled wedding hairstylist.

Do not try to change your looks to the point of people not recognizing you. You do not want your groom or your guests to have questioning eyes on the way you look.

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