Wedding Hairstyle to go with Your Wedding Dress

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Choosing a bridal hairstyle should depend on the style of your wedding dress. There are some instances when brides had the mistake of wearing a wrong hairstyle because they select the hairstyle without considering the style of their dress. Although some hairstyles can work well with any dress style like the bun, it still makes a lot of difference if you don a wedding hairstyle that goes with your dress.

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Wedding Hairstyle for a Bare-Shouldered Gown

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This style of wedding dress gives you plenty of hairstyle options. Show off your shoulders and neck by donning an elegant updo regardless if the dress is strapless or with spaghetti straps.

Jan. 01 D

Wearing your hair down is also a good alternative. Have a few soft curls on the lower part for a sexier and stunning look.

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Other wedding hairstyles that you can wear with an off-shoulder gown are chignon, the half up/half down and other variations of the bun and side-swept ponytail hairstyle.

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A professional wedding hairstylist would ask you about the style of your dress and would even request to see a picture of it. So only go to a professional to do your hair to avoid any problems.

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