Wedding Hairstyle with Tendrils for a Romantic and Softer Updo

Tendrils are described as dainty strands of hair that are formed into loose coils and left to drift freely from the hair line. Tendrils can be a part of an updo wedding hairstyle and can emerge from the bangs or come from the forehead or neck.

Following are three various techniques to incorporate tendrils to your updo.

Tendrils are commonly added to an updo hairstyle to frame the face. The curls are bigger in size and become the central point of the voluminous updo. An updo with big curled tendrils are ideal for a strapless wedding dress. Wear striking earrings with this hairdo.

Another manner to incorporate tendrils to an updo is to have a single-curled tendril. Make a low updo and get the tendril from one side of your temple and let it curl on the side of your face. The dainty curled tendril will accentuate your face so wear a sophisticated eye makeup.

You can also wear tendrils at the back of your low updo. Smooth your fringe to the side to have a bit of volume at the top of your hair. For extra oomph, pull out a strand of hair from the updo and let it flow over your shoulder.

These simple wedding hairstyles are easy to do yet give you a romantic and softer appeal.