Wedding Hairstyles for a Formal Wedding

To make you feel beautiful is the essence of a wedding hairstyle. Therefore, you must know the kind of hairstyle to wear for your type of wedding. Formal weddings require a more sophisticated and refined hairstyle.

A Black-Tie Wedding is the most formal type of wedding and you can go for the classical updo. You can select from having a smooth, sleek chignon or an intricate design of pulled or pinned curls and braids. This type of wedding requires much elegance so you need to have a clean, well swept hairstyle.

An updo wedding hairstyle is likewise appropriate for a formal wedding. The sleek, tight bun with side-parted bangs is the most common hairstyle worn. You can, however, settle a semi-up and semi-down hairstyle. To do this — brush the front part of your hair either backwards, upwards or sideward and secure it with an appealing hair accessory. Let loose some of your strands. This second option is adaptable and can actually be worn for formal and casual weddings.

The kind of wedding hairstyle that you choose must always harmonize with the wedding style or theme. When properly and carefully planned, you are assured to look at your best on your big day!

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  1. Wow! What a great selection of images you have used for examples. All of these styles photograph so well and I bet they look even better in real life. 

  2. Jessica Alba’s hair looks incredible in that picture. I love the plait at the front as well as the one underneath, scooping up the remainder of her hair. That look would be perfect for my strapless gown.

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