Wedding Hairstyles to Get You Going on that Special Day

Feb. 10 A

There are several hairstyles that you can choose from, but what matters most is choosing a wedding hairstyle that will befit you. This means it matches your face shape, dress and personality. Most of all, you should be able to carry it well.

Feb. 10 B

The bun is always a classic choice, which has plenty of variations. Make the bun a little coy for a different look. To get this look…

Feb. 10 D

Wash hair the night before the big day.

Smooth hair backwards and make a high, tight ponytail. Wind the pony to make a bun and tie with elastic.

Feb. 10 F

Make it appear voluminous by pulling the edges of the bun outward. Spray a little firm-hold hairspray to smoothen flyaways.

Feb. 10 E

The loose ponytail is another exciting wedding hairstyle. Follow these steps:

Tease two to four-inch parts of your hair down the crown using a rattail comb to make it look thicker.

Feb. 10 G

Pull hair together and make a low, loose pony and tie with elastic just above your nape.

Place a flower or any hair accessory to hide the elastic. Put it a little off center so it can be seen from the front and the back.

Feb. 10 C

The above hairstyles are very easy to do, but if you are not too confident on getting them right, look for an expert wedding hairstylist.