Wedding Makeup: Accenting your Oval Eyes with the Proper Eye Shadow

Eye makeup plays an important role in making a bride to glow further. Apart from choosing the right eye shadow color, it is equally important to determine the shape of the eyes when applying eye wedding makeup. Every person has different shape of eyes and this can be given more emphasis for a more radiant look.

Oval-eyed brides can further accentuate its more innocent, fully awake look with the proper eye shadow. Contoured eye shadow will make them look more alert and at the same time draw out your oval-shaped eyes giving them emphasis in the bone structure of your face.

Eye contouring works great even during a day or night wedding. The essential part is choosing the right hues of eye shadow. The shaded neutral colors can last all throughout the day. Exciting textures and saucy eye shadow colors are ideal for a night wedding.

When applying eye shadow, you need to look for your eye crease. To do this, you need to close your eyes and depress a finger on your eyelids. Feel upward as your lid enfolds your eyeball. The area where it stops is your crease. Once this is properly identified, you can proceed on your eye wedding makeup.