Wedding Makeup Advice from a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist

Brides cannot totally explain what they have gone through during the planning stage and on the day of the wedding. They will tell you that it is maddening, stressing but very exciting.

With the goal of looking beautiful and attractive, brides need someone who can tell them to take everything slowly and to relax. As a professional wedding makeup artist, I have met several brides who look tired and jittery. Following are my advice for brides to have that relaxed, elegant and interesting appeal.

First, brides should observe at least 8-10 hours of sleep. There is nothing better than a good night’s rest. It rejuvenates your skin making you to look fresh and youthful.

Drink plenty of water to clear your skin of impurities. Have a facial treatment; body scrub and body massage two or a week before to help you relax.

On the day of the wedding, do not allow your bridesmaids and even your mother to enter your room. It should just be you and your makeup artist. The presence of these people will only make you nervous. They also have the tendency to meddle with the way your makeup is being done. (Make sure, though, that you had a makeup trial so your makeup artist knows what to do.)

Be ready with your makeup tools such as brushes, eye shadow colors, lip color, blusher, foundation, powder, mascara, curlers, etc.

The above are simple advice that any bride should follow. A well rested skin is still the best canvas to any professional wedding makeup artist.