Wedding Makeup Advice You Should Not Ignore

Listening to words of advice always pays off. This holds true in several case and weddings is just one of them. However, pay attention to the good ones particularly when talking about wedding makeup.

Ensure that makeup brushes and sponges are clean and if possible new.

Pat a matching shade of blush after you have applied lipstick to keep it longer.

greasy face

Avoid having a greasy face by bringing a few powder-free facial blotting papers in a small kit. Dab these around your hairline if you start feeling greasy.

Use a paler tone of lip color if you want to emphasize your eyes.

Hide under eye dark circles by applying a concealer. Choose mauve or a yellow-based tone if your skin is more on the pale brown tone.

Apply a creamy white pencil on the inner eye to make small eyes look bigger. Alternatively, use black pencil to have a seductive cat-like look.

Use metallic tones. A small dash of blue, bright lavender or gold to the inner corner of the lid will give more color.

Smokey eyes do not limit you to making them look dark. Bronze, jewelled or even green shade can give similar effect.

Looking great is absolutely vital on your wedding day. Do not hesitate to follow the advice of your wedding makeup artist – remember you need to trust her! Make certain, though, that you made a wise choice picking her up from your list.

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