Wedding Makeup: Eye Shadow for Fair-Skinned Brides with Dark Brown Eyes

Choosing the right wedding makeup colors to complement one’s skin tone and eye color will absolutely make any bride stunningly beautiful on her wedding day.

For brides with fair skin and dark brown eyes, you can use either of the following eye shadow colors.

Highlight dark brown eyes with blue-toned eye shadow. This eye shadow colors works well to give focus to your eye color. Go for the less-intense blue shadow, as this will make your eyes more striking with a touch of fineness.

Put emphasis on dark brown eyes with pink-toned eye shadow. The application of the pink shadow will depend on its concentration so apply it in moderation. Like the blue-toned shadow, the less-concentrated shades will suit fairer skin tones better.

Draw attention of your guests to your dark brown eyes by applying burnt orange-tones eye shadow. Although this is not a popular choice of shadow, this color will accentuate your dark brown eyes when applied appropriately.

Make your wedding makeup work well by choosing the right colors that will suit not only your eye color but your skin tone, too.