Wedding Makeup: How to Apply Eye Shadow for Oval Eyes

Let the oval shape of your eyes pop its elegant shape with the following eye wedding makeup tips.

Apply a base eye shadow on your lid. Use a soft bristle brush and sweep the eye shadow from the inside corner to the outer corner of your upper eyelid (this is below your crease).

Apply the contour eye shadow (this should be of a darker shade). Use a medium bristle shadow brush and apply the shadow in a single, wide stroke following the crease and a little over it.

Get the highlighter eye shadow. Apply it using a soft bristle brush and dust a small amount starting from the center area of the lid moving to your brow bone. Dab a little highlighter in the innermost corner if your eyes are extremely wide-set.

Your last step is to curl your lashes and apply mascara. Apply two strokes for a daytime wedding and five strokes for a nighttime wedding. You can add a few more strokes if you want to show off the contouring.

Applying the right wedding makeup for the shape of your eyes shape will absolutely make you more stunning.