Wedding Makeup Eyeshadow Tips to make it Last Longer

Jan. 31 A

One of the makeup issues that confront women is fading eye shadow. This is tolerable in some occasions but not on your big day. Getting your wedding makeup in perfect state matters so much on this special event and means a lot not only for photo purposes. Following are tips on how to make your eye shadow last longer.

Jan. 31 B

Apply a shadow primer on the lids. Smooth a thin layer and wait for it to settle (this will take only a few minutes).

Once it has settled completely, apply the eye shadow.

Jan. 31 C

The primer is lighter in weight so it will not make your lids to feel heavy.

Your eye shadow will be more intensified with the primer and will look more dazzling. It will keep the shadow to last longer than usual.

Jan. 31 D

Reminder: Choose the eye shadow color that suits your skin tone and the color of your wedding dress.

Jan. 31 F

The above tip is a big help particularly to those who do their own makeup. If you do not want to worry about these concerns, have your makeup done by a skilled wedding makeup artist.