Wedding Makeup for a Glowing Bride

Although any bride has that certain glow on her face, it is still essential to have an unblemished skin. Just like in a painting, a smooth canvas is needed to come up with a good work of art. Lucky are those brides that are gifted with a smooth flawless skin; but this should not worry you if you do not belong to this group. With proper wedding makeup, you can still have the look of a perfect glowing skin.

A water-based foundation that matches your skin tone is perfect because it blends easily on the skin. Ensure to smooth the foundation on your neck, too.

If your wedding ceremony is outside, then use a moisturizing foundation. This will help you have a fresh look all throughout the ceremony. Do not forget to use a sunscreen, though.

If you decide to wear red lipstick, exfoliate your lips first to remove any flaky and dry skin. Lipstick will look better when applied if lips are smooth and soft.

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To ensure that lip color will last longer, apply liner on your lips before applying lipstick. After doing the first application, blot lips lightly with a tissue then make a second application on the core of your lips.

The above tips may seem small but these will keep you glowing in your wedding makeup.