Wedding Makeup for Close Set and Down-Turned Eyes

It is not only the face shape that we differ but the eye shapes, too. This is also an essential factor when putting on makeup. If you have close set and down-turned eyes, read the following post to get some wedding makeup ideas that is perfect for your eyes shape.

For Close Set Eyes

Makeup must make the eyes to look far from each one. You will need light and dark shades of eye shadow for your makeup.

Apply liner to the inner corners of the eyes. Create an impression of width by applying a thin line along the upper lash making it thicker on the corner.

Apply a very flimsy layer of light eye shadow starting from the corner moving towards the middle eyelid.

Apply the dark eye shadow from the center of the eye and move towards the exterior corner. Blend the colors in the center. Apply mascara only on lashes of the external corner.

For Down-Turned Eyes

To make down-turned eyes look better, it should be made bigger.
Apply heavy eye shadow on the outer corner of the lids and blend it along the eye socket line.

Apply eyeliner near the upper lash line and a thicker mascara to make it look lifted.

Wait for more eye wedding makeup tips for the different eye shapes on my next post.