Wedding Makeup for Lips

Most brides-to-be want their lips red because it makes their lips striking, luscious, and fuller. Choosing the appropriate wedding makeup may make your lips red but you also need to do your part to make it more real.

Avoid drinking coffee or tea. If you cannot do it, limit your intake to 1 – 2 cups in a day.
Stop smoking.

Prevent dryness by applying petroleum jelly. Butter can also moisturize it.
Lemon juice mixed with almond oil applied every night will keep it red.

Apply lipstick when outside to avoid pigmentation caused by UV radiation.
Use reliable brands of lipsticks. Avoid using expired lipstick.

Always use a lip balm or sun block over your lipstick to minimize the latter from getting dark.
Apply glycerine on your lips before sleeping.

Visit a dermatologist if the above tips did not work.
People with dark skin have lips that are in various shades of brown. Fair-skinned people will either have pink, white or red lips.

Follow the above tips to for better-looking red lips and make your wedding makeup look well.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Makeup for Lips

  1. What i feel is If you can’t imagine your wedding day without bold, red lips, go for it! It’s your day, so no color is off-limits. Just make sure your lip color coordinates with your gown. Bold red lips look great with retro-style wedding gowns, modern sheath dresses, and elegant A-line dresses..:-)

  2. Wow..Your blogs are great.. I am an amateur women stylist and am getting to learn a lot from your website..Thanx for sharing!

  3. Awesome article.. I always suggest my customers to not choose a bright color that will detract from your eyes. Use rich, deep shades, like mauve browns, burgundies or classic reds. Always use gloss layered on top of any lip color, which gives a youthful look. Avoid matte lipstick because it can be aging.. Hope this is useful:-)

  4. Red lipstick looks great if you have the right hair color and skin tone, otherwise the rest of us should stick to colors that suit us. I had a makeup consultation a few years back and that opened me up to so many new shades of lipstick that I never would have considered before.
    Also, if you have red hair (like the current dyed shade that seems popular), fire-engine red looks absolutely stunning!

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