Wedding Makeup: Get that Pucker On Your Lips with a Lip Liner

With the proper wedding makeup, any bride can look striking and can mesmerize not only her groom but even her guests. Choosing the right color that will blend with the color of your skin, eyes, hair as well as your wedding dress are all important.

One of the essential features that you need to focus is your lips. Getting that pucker on your lips can be achieved with the use of a lip liner.

Let your lipstick stay for a day with the use of a lip liner. Line your lips with the liner and fill your lips prior to applying the lip color.

Ensure that the lip liner matches your lipstick. You can use a lighter shade of lip liner.

Pat the edges with a Q-tip to have a soft look.

With the proper use of a lip liner, your lips will look more exciting and inviting.

Finish off with a lip shiner.

Obtain that wedding makeup that you wanted with the proper choice of colors in your makeup.