Wedding Makeup — Getting Rid of those Unwanted Pimples

No bride would want to have any pimples on her face before her wedding day or even during that special occasion. Regardless where the pimple will appear, it is still an unaccepted breakout for any bride-to-be. This irritating blemish may happen brought by inadequate sleep, stress on finalizing things, etc. To have a good canvass for your wedding makeup and to prevent skin eruptions, it is necessary to take some skin care steps.

Adding a dose to your Vitamin C intake will help you to obtain a clearer skin. An extra 500 mg of Vitamin C two weeks before your big day will do your skin good. It is a known fact that Vitamin C is an excellent immune system booster and helps to prevent skin breakout.

Apply moisturizer every day. Use a water-based moisturizer if your skin is oily. Pimples and other skin breakouts develop when our skins our stressed out. Moisturizers will safeguard and sooth the skin; thus minimizing the occurrence of pimples.

Do not touch and get depressed when you see a pimple come out. Do not even try to squeeze it either because it will only worsen the condition. Get a steroid injection from your dermatologist ONLY IF TIME WILL ALLOW IT!

If you are short of time, then use a frozen cucumber or ice cube on the pimple. The cold will help to minimize the inflammation and discoloration. Avoid using exfoliating agents like glycolic acid or drying substances like benzoyl peroxide.

A highly skilled wedding makeup artist will be able to hide the contracted pimple. A green tint concealer is excellent on hiding a red blemish.