Wedding Makeup: How to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger

Makeup was invented to enhance your best facial features as well as to “re-structure” some flaws. One of the best things that makeup can do is to make small eyes look bigger. Brides with small eyes can make them appear bigger through good wedding makeup.

Here are some suggestions to make this happen.

Apply a light-colored eye shadow on the whole lid. Light ivory or silver shadows are good choices for small eyes. Do not choose frosted eye shadow as it will make your eyes look smaller. Define your eyes by applying a natural skin tone or neutral brown eye shadow on the outer edges of your eyelids.

Curl lashes prior to applying mascara. Apply mascara on both upper and bottom eye lashes. Use the remains of the mascara and apply it on the bottom lashes.

Line your bottom lid with a creamy white eyeliner pencil extending it outward from your iris. Use the same white eyeliner to line the inside corner of your upper and lower lids.

Pluck your eyebrows carefully. Let a professional wedding makeup artist do it for you if you are not sure of what you are doing. Beautifully arch eyebrows will make your eyes appear bigger.

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