Wedding Makeup – How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Not every woman was gifted with big expressive eyes. If you want to have your small eyes to look big on your wedding day, here are a few wedding makeup tips that you can follow.

Curl lashes before applying mascara. If you happen to have applied mascara prior to curling, wait for it to dry then curl lashes. Do not forget your bottom eyelashes.

White eyeliner will also make your small eyes to look bigger. Choose a creamy liner though. Apply the creamy white liner on your bottom lid and on the inside corners of both your lower and upper eyelids.

Give attention to your eyebrows, too. Pluck them appropriately. It would be better to look for the assistance of a professional to do the plucking for you. She will be able to shape your brows well. Small eyes will look bigger with slightly arch eyebrows.

Making to look your small eyes big is no longer a problem these days. A little makeup trick is enough but make sure you know how to do it properly. Hiring the services of a professional wedding makeup artist will ensure you to look radiant and striking on your big day.