Wedding Makeup – Make those Lips Kissable

Dec. 30 A

Wedding guests always look forward to the couple’s first kiss after being declared husband and wife. This is, of course, followed by a series of kisses during the celebration and brides should prepare for this exchange of kisses. Getting your lips prepared should start a week before the wedding. Besides, soft lips look better with wedding makeup.

Dec. 30 C

Exfoliate lips to prevent chapping. Use a face towel or facial scrub and rub lips with backward and forward motion after a shower. You can also use mixture of one teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of sugar; olive and honey to exfoliate lips. Another alternative is Vitamin E.

Dec. 30 D

Do not wet lips with your tongue. Lips will get dry when you do this. Apply a lip balm or petroleum jelly instead to moisturize lips.

Dec. 30 E

Use lip products with antioxidants. If you intend to use any products on your lips, choose products that will nourish and make them look plumper. Buy products with antioxidants.

Dec. 30 F

Pamper lips before going to bed so include them in your facial regimen at night.

Dec. 30 G

Protect lips from UV rays by applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 15. Apply it under a lip gloss, lip stick or alone. Use it even on cloudy days and during the winter season.

Dec. 30 B

These wedding makeup tips on lip care will make them look and feel better anytime.