Wedding Makeup: Make Your Lipstick Last with these Tips

Jan. 27 A

It is usually a problem that lipstick easily wears off. To make yours stay longer, follow these long-lasting wedding makeup lipstick tips.

Jan. 27 B

Exfoliate Lips. Exfoliating your lips will remove the dead skin, help new cells to grow and keep lips soft. Do this by mixing the same amount of sugar and honey. Use this mixture to scrub lips using a toothbrush on a biweekly schedule.

Jan. 27 C

Apply a Lip Balm. Moisturize lips by applying a thin coat of lip balm prior to putting on makeup. Gently remove excess lip balm before applying lipsticks.

Jan. 27 D

Use a Lip Liner. Line your lips with a lip liner starting at the Cupid’s bow or the “V” part of your lips moving on to the outer part. Liner should be in a darker shade than that of the lip color. Fill lips with the liner so it will function as the foundation for the lip color. You can also use the foundation on your lips instead of the liner.

apply lipstick 19/6/13

Apply the Lipstick. Use a lip brush to apply lipstick. This will help the color to last longer on your lips. After you have fully covered your lips with the color, take a tissue and press lips twice on the tissue. Apply a second coating of the lip color.

Jan. 27 F

Apply a Concealer. Get the surrounding areas of your lips by applying a concealer.

Jan. 27 G

These tips will make your lipstick stay longer regardless of your choice of color. Let your wedding makeup look better with long lasting lip color.