Wedding Makeup Slip-ups You Must Avoid

Focusing on your assets is one of the secrets of excellent makeup. This can be achieved by avoiding the following wedding makeup slip-ups.

Wearing less coverage. Oily and dry skin must have a matte and a radiant finish, respectively, to look excellent in your photographs. Hide black and undereye circles.

Missing on the blush. Adding a little more blush than the usual will give you a warmer radiance.

Using a natural lip gloss. Looking natural is nice but this is not so with a white bridal gown. Choose a color that is darker than the usual to look fabulous in your photos. The use of a lip liner will also help.

Inavailability of touch up products. Request a relative or friend to bring the same types of makeup products used for retouching.

Wrong choice of makeup items. This leads to disaster as the makeup melts. Adrenalin works so fast during this event.

Missing out on luster. Adequate skin luster will display your facial assets.

Avoid the above wedding makeup slip-ups for a more memorable event.

One thought on “Wedding Makeup Slip-ups You Must Avoid

  1. Definitely remember the touch-up products for the big day! You want to keep your magical look going from the start of the ceremony all the way through the end of the reception!!

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