Wedding Makeup: The Blushing and Edgy Appeal

It is easy to understand the blushing appeal for brides (after all most brides have the blushing look); but the edgy appeal? Whew! No bride would want to look anxious on her wedding day, right? Before you jump into conclusions or harsh reactions (?!), read the article first on these two wedding makeup appeals.

The Blushing Bride Appeal.

This bridal look suits brides with fair skin and oval or round face shape as it has more space for the blushing appeal. Makeup for this look concentrates on the cheeks by using a liberal amount of pink blush to project a shy, delicate and vulnerable bride look.

However, this should be applied for brides whose age is 50 and above for the simple reason that the fragile and innocent look is unbelievable for this age group.

The Edgy Bride Appeal. As mentioned above, no bride will choose this look. As a matter of fact, this makeup is seldom used except for those artistic minds who really understand the real meaning of this makeup style.

This features extremely dark eye shadow and very red lips. A few finds it far-out while others who patronize contemporary and modern makeup finds it sensational. This makeup appeal can only be perfectly done by those who have experience with this kind of thing. So if you want to be a little revolutionary on your wedding day, look for the best wedding makeup artist who can do this job with perfection.

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Regardless of the kind of wedding makeup look that you choose, it is essential that you carry it confidently and in a dignified manner to make your wedding special and unforgettable.