Wedding Makeup Tip to Make Your Lips More Luscious

Putting on lipstick is one of the factors to achieve a great look for wedding makeup.

Line the outer area of your lips for a better contour and to avoid a “bleeding” look if you choose to have the redder tone of lipstick. Follow that up by coloring your lips with the lip liner prior to applying the lipstick. The lip liner will also help you avoid a messy look as it will act as your guideline on applying lipstick. The liner will also make your lips to retain the color for a longer period even as the lipstick starts to wear off.

A real redder shade is good to use if you were not able to sleep well before your wedding day. It will get the attention away from your eyes.

Apply a little gloss on the center of your lips to make them look fuller and luscious.

Applying lipstick correctly will make your lips look gorgeous and luscious, which are a big attraction not only for your husband but for your guests, too! So, aim for luscious lips as part of your wedding makeup.

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  1. Some really good tips to remember. I always have trouble choosing a shade of lip stick-any secrets you can let me in on??

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