Wedding Makeup Tips: Choosing Eye Shadow Color Appropriate for Your Eye Color

Dec. 14A

It may seem daunting to choose the right eye shadow color from the various shades available in a store. Wedding makeup experts, though, suggest to select a shade that is appropriate and accentuate your eye color. Read on to check the eye shadow color that works well with blue and brown eyed brides.

Dec. 14 B

Blue Eyes

Enliven blue eyes by applying warm champagne and rose gold eye shadow hues on the lids. Soften the piercing tone by applying bronze or golden brown shades on the crease of the eye. This is perfect for a night wedding.

Dec. 14 D

Another option for blue eyes is to use a dark gray shadow for a smoky eye wedding makeup look. Gray hues from ivory to gunmetal synchronize well for icy blue eyes. Apply a little of the accent shades on the lash line and crease. Accentuate the lid and brow line with a heavy application of the lighter shades.

Dec. 14 C

Brown Eyes

This eye color can use any eye shadow hues. However, mixing taupe or shimmer-bronze eye shadow on the lids and the bottom lash line will elicit gold specks in the iris. To open up brown eyes, apply black mascara followed by aubergine mascara on the tips of the lashes. This restrained interaction will make your eyes to look more striking and dramatic.

Dec. 14 E

Hiring an expert wedding makeup artist is still recommended to save you from worries and stress.