Wedding Makeup Tips for Blue-Eyed Brides with Blond Hair

Applying makeup differs depending on the color of our eyes, skin and hair. This only goes to say that wedding makeup for brides with dark eyes, hair and tanned skin is not the same with that of brides with blue eyes, fair skin and blond hair. If you fall under the second category of blue eyes, blond hair and fair skin, here are some useful tips to flatter your color.

For your eyes, choose metallic and warm eye shadow colors. Light shades will make your blue eyes to stand out. Cover your eyelids with a light, peach shadow and apply a touch of soft brown or metallic gold shadow in the eyelid crease. Mix the colors using a brush.

Use brown eyeliner to define the blue color of your eyes. Choose gel eyeliner and apply it on the top line of your lash. Ensure to press the liner in the lashes for a thicker look. Next, apply a thin half-way liner on the outer under lashes.

Slightly dust your face with bronzer to give you a healthy radiance. Do not use bronzer with glitters and avoid the orange or dark shades. Apply the bronzer on your forehead, cheekbones, top of your nose and chin with a big, feathery brush.

Finally, apply a daring red lipstick particularly if you have a night wedding. For a day wedding, use a pink lip color. Define lips with the use of a nude lip liner.

Following the above wedding makeup tips will absolutely enhance your blue eyes and blond hair.